Leading National Buyer of US Coins and Precious Metals!

Over the past three decades, Taber Numismatics has become a leading national buyer of gold, silver, and rare US coins, as well as, all international bullion coins, bars, and jewelry.

Flying Eagle Cent Franklin Half Dollar Gold Eagle Bust Dollar

As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Numismatic Association, we are pleased to offer the following services for those looking to sell their US coins and bullion ...

  • Free Appraisals and Consultations   (We can come to you!)
  • Free, 'no obligation' offer to buy your entire collection.
  • Free shipping for folks who mail in their items for purchase.
    Learn more about how our easy, and safe, process to sell works.

Throughout the years, we've enjoyed helping others better understand the history and value of their US coins and precious metals, while also providing folks with an opportunity to sell their coins and bullion at an excellent price.

For folks that are not in our local Massachusetts area, we offer a convenient, safe, and economical way to mail-in your coins, and bullion items, for a free appraisal and purchase offer. In addition, we also travel throughout the country to view and purchase larger collections.

We've had the pleasure of purchasing collections (large and small) from individuals located in every corner of our great nation.

We buy ALL grades of the following coins and bullion...

  • All Gold coins (including Saint-Gauden, Liberty, Indian, Eagles, Krugerrands, Pandas, Maple Leafs, etc.).

  • All US Silver Dollars minted before 1936 (including Morgan, Peace, Trade), and Silver Eagles 1986+.

  • All US Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, and Nickels minted before 1965.

  • All US Kennedy Half Dollars (40% Silver) minted from 1965 thru 1970.

  • All US War, Buffalo, Liberty Head, and Shield Nickels.

  • All US Indian Head Pennies.

  • Lincoln (wheat) pennies minted before 1916.

  • All Early Type American Coins (Including Half/Large cent, Two-cent, Three-cent, Bust/Seated Half-dime and Dime)

  • US key date and rare issue coins

  • US mint, proof, and prestige sets.

  • US Commemorative coins.

  • American Colonial coins

  • All Error coins and currency

  • All Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion coins, bars, and ingots.

  • All Palladium and Rhodium bullion.

  • Gold and platinum jewelry.

  • Estate collections, including sterling silver sets.

  • Junk and scrap silver, gold, and platinum.

  • Dental gold, including gold teeth.

While we are interested in buying most coins and bullion items, there are some kinds we do NOT accept, including ...

  • Circulated Lincoln pennies, including wheat pennies, minted after 1915.

  • Circulated coins minted after 1964 that are not made of silver, gold, or platinum. (We do buy 40% silver Kennedy halves minted between 1965 and 1970.)

  • Stolen coins

  • Gold Dust and Gold Nuggets

  • Silver flatware
    (We do, however, buy sterling silver sets.)

If you are interested in selling your coins or bullion to us, here's an overview on how you do it ...

  1. Contact us with information about the coins and/or bullion you're interested in selling.

  2. We'll then provide a free quote of their estimated value. This will represent our tentative offer to purchase your items.

  3. If you like our offer, you can send your items to us by using registered and insured mail. Any shipping costs you pay are fully reimbursed when selling to us. If preferred, we would also be pleased to meet with you at our office in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

    Also, for folks that would like added assurance, we're happy to provide you with a signed, 'service agreement' contract, upon request. This would clearly state the items that you would be sending to us, along with, the free services that we would be providing to you.

    ( View our detailed instructions for shipping coins and bullion to us.)

  4. When your items are received, we'll perform a free, professional appraisal of your collection, and notify you of the value. This value will represent our firm offer to purchase your coins/bullion.

  5. If you accept our offer, we'll send out a company check that day. This will include reimbursement for the shipping charges you paid to get the collection to us. If you reject the offer, we'll immediately send your items back, and pay for the return postage with insurance.

At Taber Numismatics, we take great pride in our reputation, and uphold the highest level of integrity with our customers. We treat each customer with respect, in a friendly and helpful manner. We go out of our way to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Numismatic Association, and would be pleased to provide you with bank references upon request.

Our reputation, and business, is at stake with every collection we receive. With Taber Numismatics you can be sure to be treated fairly, quickly, and with friendly service. This is the only way we could have grown our business over the past 25 years!

Thank you for putting your trust in Taber Numismatics.

Best Regards,
Scott Taber
President of Taber Numismatics

American Numismatic Association

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